began because of our love for dogs and our concern for their well- being.
  • To provide the best and most hygienic living environment for dogs boarding with us.
  • To promote the value of home based dog care services to owners.
  • To advocate the welfare of animals and help in adoptions and re-homing.

Founded in 2003, Perfect Pooch is proud of the standards of dog care we have established. Created with three key principals: professional excellence, outstanding service and high-quality standards, Perfect Pooch has grown to be one of the most sought out places for dog owners. We take great pride in maintaining long-term, interactive relationships with our ever- expanding network of dog owners and their pooches.

Sanam Karunakar
Sanam was paralyzed in 1995 due to a car crash. This left her home bound most of the time. With India not being very wheelchair friendly; she had to come up with a home-based career. She also needed to do something that she absolutely loved, as she believes a person should feel fulfilled with the work they do! All her life, she had been crazy about dogs. Her dreams of being a veterinarian were shattered after her accident. She loves the company of her dogs! They could be simply lying around or causing havoc in her house, no matter what, they always bring a smile on her face... Along with her husband Suraj, she completed a dog trainers course held by Shirin Merchant who is trained under the world renowned animal behaviorist and trainer John Rogerson and a member of The Northern Centre for Animal Behaviour, England and The Pet Behaviour Institute, England. That's when Shirin suggested she take up pet sitting as a career. So, here they are today! Suraj has stood by her over these years and has been an active part of her life. He has given her strength and helped start up Perfect Pooch. Later, Sanam successfully completed a 21-day dog training course with John Rogerson and also has a Diploma in Basic Canine Nutrition.

Suraj Karunakar
Suraj never had dogs while growing up but once he met Sanam, he began to realize and joys of dog ownership. Shirin Merchant helped Sanam and him to understand dogs better. They learnt patience and understanding dog behavior from Shirin. Having trained many dogs over the past 11 years, he feels content after contributing to help dog owners in Mumbai and wishes to continue to do so. He too has trained under world-renowned dog trainer John Rogerson and completed the 21-day dog training course held by him in Lonavala. We both look forward to happy dogs and happy dog owners.