Why should I choose Perfect Pooch rather than a kennel?

At Perfect Pooch we keep your dog in a caring home environment without being caged or tied up all the time. We give your dog-personalized care and keep all our dogs with us in our air-conditioned room.

Suppose my dog is not adjusting? What would you do then?

Perfect Pooch will interview you and your dog prior to his/her stays with us. Usually all the dogs adjust pretty soon because they get to interact with our dogs and us. Perfect Pooch also gives you a 3 hour free adjustment stay incase you feel your dog will not be comfortable.

My dog is not friendly. Will Perfect Pooch board him?

We do not board unfriendly dogs. Your dog has to be social with humans as well as other dogs to board with Perfect Pooch.

What food will you feed my dog during his stay?

Perfect Pooch caters to exactly what your dog eats at home. We provide home cooked meals (Veg and Non-veg) as well as packaged dog food (Royal Canine, Eukanuba, Pedigree etc). Incase your dog is allergic to something; we will make sure he is fed a special diet as per your specifications.

My dog is on medications. Will Perfect Pooch administer them?

Yes. We will give your dog any medication he requires however it has to be provided by you or you will be billed separately for the same.

Will my dogs be taken for walks?

Perfect Pooch will walk your dogs at specified times during their stay with us.

What does Perfect Pooch do for ticks and flea control?

We at Perfect Pooch make sure that our dogs are tick and flea free. We need you to give your dog a tick/flea treatment prior to his stay with us.

Suppose my dog falls ill? What will Perfect Pooch do?

Although Perfect Pooch takes the utmost precautions to take care of your dog, it is possible that he/she might fall ill. In such a case, you will be informed first and then on your advice we will contact your vet. Incase of an emergency or if we cannot get in touch with you or your dog’s vet, Perfect Pooch will contact a vet closest to us. Any vets visits will be billed separately.

Does Perfect Pooch provide pick up and drop off facility for my dog?

Yes. Perfect Pooch is constantly trying to improve and make things easier for our clients and pooches. We provide for pick-up and drop services from anywhere in Mumbai.

What are the timings to leave or pick up my dog?

Perfect Pooch being a home based pet sitting service allows you to drop or pick up your dog anytime between 7am to 11pm. You will however need to confirm the time before you plan to come over. You will be charged according to the number of nights your dog stays with us.