We at Perfect Pooch make special arrangements for your pet that far surpass the offerings of a traditional kennel. Perfect Pooch allows you to have a hassle free holiday or day out.

We make sure that your dog will have a happy and pampered stay with us. There is no shortage of TLC in our home! We ask that you call at least seven days prior to your departure to allow ample time for us to make the proper lodging arrangements. (You will have to call at least three weeks in advance for major holidays.) At that time we conduct an interview to collect the necessary information about your dog.

Your pooch gets to stay in a healthy homely environment where all his/her daily requirements are looked after. Perfect Pooch also provides your dog with daily walks, medication needs and a routine according to what your pooch is used to. We provide food as well as walks, as per each dog’s timetable and schedule.


  • We require you to visit us with your dog at least ten days prior to the stay. During this visit, we will screen your pooch as we need him/her to be friendly with other dogs as well as with us.

  • A trial stay. This is a must before your pet boards with us. You need to leave your pet with us for a couple of hours a few days before your holiday so he/she gets adjusted to our home. This also helps us understand your pet’s behavior and in case we feel there is any kind of stress we can work out a way to make your pet more comfortable during their stay with us.

  • All vaccination shots should be up-to-date and Xerox copies of the same to be submitted to us.

  • Our Pooch Profile Form, Stay Agreement and Medical Certificate duly filled in by you with your dog’s details.

  • Dogs with tick, fleas or major skin infections will not be taken in.

  • All medication required by your dog must be provided by you.

  • Incase your dog bites; you are liable to pay all expenses of injections and medications required.